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IT Engineering and Consulting Company

Microsyscom is an IT Consulting and Engineering company specializing in the management of telecommunications and information technology services that was created in 2005 following a previous and consolidated experience and an impeccable reputation.

It is formed by professionals of the IT sector with a very marked work philosophy in which close treatment, professionalism and the desire for evolution are the adjectives that define the starting point of all its action.

We believe in human values and we know that in a field that advances in a vertiginous way and where the tendency is the depersonalization; Close treatment, trust and transparency are values not only desirable, but also necessary. It has been precisely this company policy combined with its desire for progress and its dedicated professionalism that have allowed Microsyscom to keep in constant evolution since it was created obtaining excellent results of efficiency and quality.

Empresa de Ingeniería y Consultoría TI​

Telecommunications Services Management

Microsyscom works to offer solutions to companies in the fields of information technology and telecommunications always putting as a maximum objective the security in every action that takes place and counting on the most select manufacturers to offer the highest quality and the best service with the price More competitive. But above all, we offer resources based on the philosophy Integral Solution or in other words, in the philosophy of offering complete and tailor-made solutions.

We base our work on the knowledge that each company has particular needs and unique to attend, therefore, each service we offer is completely personalized. In addition, Microsyscom offers its customers the availability, reliability, security and flexibility that can only be offered by a professional and highly competent company.
The main objective of Microsyscom is to offer integral solutions that allow to consolidate the IT systems of the companies, generating satisfaction and always maintaining the balance between cost and quality. But in the IT sector, quality necessarily has to go hand in hand with security, a value that Microsyscom sets as a priority.
As a result of our constant work and solid values, we count on the trust of many clients and we work day by day to offer you solutions as you walk in favor of the productivity and safety of your business, always establishing as a basis everything we build for you Quality, agile service and personalized service. Because for Microsyscom, every project is a new challenge and every challenge leads us towards new goals. Together we make each goal an achievement.
Empresa de Ingeniería y Consultoría TI​

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