Backup or Backup Online

Protect the technological life of your company with the best backup service for companies!

What is a backup service?

Can you imagine losing all the files on your computer? The photos of your last vacation, important documents or even invoices … What a horror! Nobody is free of a virus on the PC that makes all our data disappear but, fortunately, there is a solution for these cases:¡a backup service or backup!
Are you sure you have your data secured? Do you have any backup in the cloud? Do you still use outdated tape or disk backup systems? Forget all that and discover the definitive solution: our systen backup!
A backup service is the easiest and most reliable way to make a copy of remote security in order to safeguard the most critical information of a company in the safest way.

What are you waiting for to save your most transcendental documents in the safest way with MicroSyscom?

Can you imagine what could be a theft or loss of information about your company? Or even a fire or a simple hard drive failure! There are many ways by which confidential and critical information can be lost but, luckily, there are always accessible solutions … and better be careful to have to cure! (and thus avoid having to look for the expensive option to recover deleted files).

What is our cloud backup service for companies?

Our backup service has a total of seven features that make it the best way to make backups in the cloud for companies. Knowing how to make a backup is not easy, but our way of doing it pleases everyone.

Our backup service stands out for the following features:

Why hire a backup service with Microsyscom?

Now that you know a little more what is a data backup and how is our service, we have to let you know the reasons why you should choose Microsyscom as the reference company when making cloud backup for companies .Our work philosophy is based on close treatment, professionalism and the perpetual desire to want to evolve to the fullest. Customizing a backup service is not a simple task, but we adapt to the needs of each client. That’s where we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the companies.
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In a technological world in which the virtual wins the battle, we focus on getting closer to the client with the closest possible treatment.And, above all that, our work is based on quality, accessibility, security and continuous support to overcome possible problems that may arise. We have the ISO20000 certification, which allows us to show off working with stability and professionalism.

Backup or Backup Online

We can offer you the installation, configuration, Adaptation and Integration in its IT Structure

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