We have the ISO20000 certification that offers you the guarantee to be counting at all times with a stable, professional and competitive company backed by the quality of each of its products and services. Thanks to our partners, we can exchange the following standards or certifications used in IT management of the Data Center:

• ISO 9001, ISO 11801, ISO 13335, ISO 18028, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 27000, ISO 38500, COBIT, ITIL, PCI DSS, SAS 70, TIA 942, VALIT


We are here to assist you whenever you need it so we put at your disposal our customer service team where you can rely both to make your inquiries and to send us your suggestions and complaints. For more convenience, we offer various means of contact at your complete choice in the contact section.


Our experts test the safety of all our products and services through rigorous testing to offer you maximum peace of mind.


We have an User Assistance Center prepared to provide you with online technical assistance 24 hours a day whether you want to make a simple query or need technical assistance face-to-face.

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