Certified Communications

The Microsyscom certified communications service is oriented to offer you an electronic mail service with notary intervention that assures the full validity of the sent messages and guarantees the certification of them.

The communications that we make through our company are of vital importance. We send important documents that we wish to assure that they have reached the recipient, that the documents we send have legal validity, can make and send binding documents with full validity, maintain a list of documents sent with acknowledgment of receipt that remain unchanged, etc. Microsyscom is responsible for all this through its certified communications service. But in addition, the information is kept for 5 years guaranteeing its inalterability.

You’ll be able to benefit from:

  • Keep communications secure with full legal validity.
  • You can sign contracts with just one click.
  • Maintain the correct tracking and status of your documents.
  • Preserve the unalterability of your documents.
  • Make paperless signatures.
  • Easily archive your documents and find them easily accessible.


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