Computer Maintenance

In order to guarantee the performance of the teams that form your company, they need a computer maintenance, but in many cases we do not have specific personnel, or even having knowledge, the process can rob us for too long.

Just remember the last time our computer was damaged or the last time we left without email, to realize the importance of our computer system.

Proper maintenance and proper monitoring can help us to function optimally or identify and address problems before they even arise.

Microsyscom offers its computer maintenance service so that you do not have to worry about anything other than generating value for your business. Our qualified personnel will be in charge of the maintenance of your IT infrastructure guaranteeing the maximum performance and security of the same, whatever the system with which it works.

Our computer maintenance service aims to avoid any possible incidents that may arise, and if they occur, solve them quickly so that both the equipment and the data that they guard, are always except. Finally, we ensure your tranquility and the continuity of your business by always setting those parameters of action that work towards these objectives.

Among other things, Microsyscom offers the following services:

  • Computer maintenance.
  • Server and Network Maintenance
  • Configuring, monitoring and monitoring backups.
  • Remote Assistance.
  • Face-to-face support.
  • Preventive tasks.
  • Supply and installation of computer equipment.
  • Replacement equipment

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