Microsyscom has its own Autonomous Systems (AS111111) with its own IP space and support BGP4, OSPF and MPLS allowing us to efficiently route and anticipate dynamically any changes in the network.

Our backbone network is a multiservice network based on the latest technologies with fully redundant 10GbE network electronics that incorporates the necessary protocols to provide the necessary redundancy for your projects.

The management of the network is done from point to point, offering the customer the maximum guarantees of service according to their needs.

Currently we have a data center “GlobalSwicht Madrid” with a consideration of a TierIV, where is housed all the infrastructure described, likewise we have the agreements necessary to perform with great agility deployments in the CPD located in:

  • North America: Santa Clara CA – Denver (Englewood) CO, Dallas TX, New York NY, Piscataway NJ, Culpeper VA, Miami FL.
  • Latin America: Sao Paulo BR, Bogota CO.
  • Europe: London UK, Amsterdam NL, Brussels BE, Paris FR, Istanbul TR.

With the upcoming deployment of our CPD in Miami our customers will be able to shorten the latency between their service and their potential customers. In addition, we can provide services in a distributed form from Spain and / or the United States according to the needs of each project.

The fundamental characteristics of our data centers are:

Double electric connection

We have power supply from two different processing centers, by independent and exclusive paths of 16.8 MW. In addition to electrical panels with selective protections, two Uninterruptible Power System Power Circuits.

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