Customized development

The productivity and performance of our company depends, to a great extent, on having the right software to the needs of our business that allow us to speed up our work.

Microsyscom’s Custom Development service is responsible for determining the software required for its business model through the study of the functionalities required, the design, development and establishment of the parameters of the same; And the implementation of new applications under the following technologies:


  •     Hibernate
  •     TopLink
  •     Tomcat
  •     JBoss App
  •     Server
  •     Frameworks Struts
  •     Spring


  •     Microsoft SQL Server
  •     Microsoft Access
  •     MySQL
  •     Oracle
  •     DB2


  •     Microsoft C#
  •     .Net
  •     VBasic
  •     Python
  •     HTML5
  •     XML
  •     CSS3
  •     Javascript
  •     Flex
  •     Silverligth
  •     Cobol/Cics
  •     Natural
  •     Pl-Sql


  •     ASP.NET
  •     ASP
  •     JSP
  •     EJB

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