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The facilities that Microsyscom puts at your disposal are equipped with the maximum security measures to guarantee the correct operation of the equipment that we have in our CPD. We have also had the best partners in the market and we have designed our infrastructures to offer the highest quality in our Data Center services

Details such as cooling, power supply and security of access to the facilities as well as the equipment that is housed in our facilities, are controlled so that you can perform your tasks with the utmost tranquility knowing at all times that the core of your Business is in the best hands.

Our Data Processing Center is characterized by having a strategic location, maintaining a neutral attitude towards operators, allowing access to numerous service providers, offering the most flexible services and supporting all our actions in the professionalism of our technical team human.


  • Improvement of business productivity
  • Improve the corporate image
  • Reduce maintenance costs of the computer park
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Main Features of CPD:

  • 1000 square meters
  • Level 1 Access Point
  • 20 Operators
  • 6 Fiber Trunk Networks
  • 10 Gbps main peering matrix
  • 99.99% SLA in environmental systems
  • Security personnel every day of the year
  • Biometric security systems
  • CCTV

General characteristics

  • Prefabricated concrete structure, reinforced concrete forging and enclosure based on prefabricated concrete panels and aluminum joinery.
  • Standard maximum floor load of 9 kN / m². Maximum load on the ground of 20kN / m² in some specific areas.
  • Height of 3.70m between plants.
  • High technical floors with anti-static tiles and a height between 600 and 800mm. Height free from floor to ceiling between 3.20 and 2.80m.
  • Distance between columns: 9,84m

Redundant power supply

  • Redundancy of N + N in the power supply.
  • Power from the mains via 2 connections of 15kV.
  • Independent power supplies (A and B) distributed over a 15kV network.
  • Power density of up to 1000W / m² in each plant.
  • 15kV reserve diesel generators with N + 1 redundancy.
  • On-site diesel fuel tanks (2 x 50,000 liters), with a contract that guarantees fuel supply 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Refrigeration and environment

  • Redundancy of N + 1 in the cooling system.
  • Temperature and humidity conditions of the technical spaces according to the current standards of the sector and maintained in a way that respects the energy efficiency parameters.
  • Hydraulic Redundancy.
  • Computer room air conditioning units (CRACs) in the technical areas are backed by 15kV diesel generators with N + 1 redundancy.

Fire Detection and Extinguishing

  • Analogue fire detection system in all areas (smoke and heat) with manual alarm activation units.
  • Smoke Early Warning System (VESDA).
  • State-of-the-art extinction systems in technical areas.
  • Wet columns and hose reels on all floors, connected to the pump room and two exclusive fire-fighting centers.
  • CO2 extinction systems in substation transformers.

Building Management Systems (BMS)

  • Specific equipment for maintenance and management of facilities 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Complete Power Monitoring System.
  • Resource management system.
  • The building management system monitors the operation of the mechanical and electrical equipment of the Data Processing Center in order to:
    • Ensure the stability of the environment.
    • monitor the main electrical and mechanical systems.
    • enable interaction between main systems.
    • enable data collection.


  • Carrier neutral.
  • Access to multiple providers of telecommunications services located in the Data Processing Center itself.
  • Different wiring input points with a combination of 160 and 32mm subducts.
  • Cable trays to all skates (with fully controlled access).
  • Multiple connection points to each zone.
  • Space available on the roof for the placement of antennas and equipment for satellite communications.


  • At least 2 security guards at the premises responsible for managing the security of the Data Processing Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Access control via proximity card readers.
  • Intrusion detection alarms in all zones.
  • Closed circuit television system (CCTV) with multiple cameras, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Vehicle access control door.
  • Fully securely managed delivery and load zones.
  • Guarded car park.


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