Meet our robust and professional infrastructure
The facilities that Microsyscom puts at your disposal are equipped with the maximum security measures to guarantee the correct operation of the equipment that we have in our CPD. We have also had the best partners in the market and we have designed our infrastructures to offer the highest quality in our Data Center services

Details such as cooling, power supply and security of access to the facilities as well as the equipment that is housed in our facilities, are controlled so that you can perform your tasks with the utmost tranquility knowing at all times that the core of your Business is in the best hands.

Our Data Processing Center is characterized by having a strategic location, maintaining a neutral attitude towards operators, allowing access to numerous service providers, offering the most flexible services and supporting all our actions in the professionalism of our technical team human.


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Main Features of CPD:

General characteristics

Redundant power supply

Refrigeration and environment

Fire Detection and Extinguishing

Building Management Systems (BMS)




We can offer you the installation, configuration, Adaptation and integration in your IT structure

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Nuestro mantenimiento informatico garantiza el rendimiento de los equipos. un buen mantenimiento informático y una monitorización adecuada mejora sus equipos

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