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Housing Equipment Housing

The Microsyscom equipment hosting system has been designed to guarantee the maximum security of our customers. This service is focused on providing a quality environment for your equipment while having specialized personnel to ensure the stability and performance of the same.

Microsyscom has numerous electrical connection systems that guarantee an efficient and constant supply, optimum refrigeration systems for the maintenance of the equipment, advanced systems of fire safety, gas leaks and thefts, specific systems of protection of data and with the supervision Constant of highly qualified specialists to act immediately against any adversity.


The Microsyscom CPDs are located in a way that always allows us to access the largest range of Internet access providers to present each client a turnkey project according to their needs. Likewise, we seek to have connectivity tailored to each project. Microsyscom guarantees the maximum flexibility, which, applied, will allow you to establish connections through exchange networks through the Internet and the contracting of high performance economic networks that adapt to the circumstances of the geographical points from where you need to establish the connections.


The facilities that Microsyscom puts at your disposal are equipped with the maximum security measures to guarantee the correct operation of the equipment that we have in our CPD. We have also had the best partners in the market and we have designed our infrastructures to offer the highest quality in our Data Center services

Details such as cooling, power supply and security of access to the facilities as well as the equipment that is housed in our facilities, are controlled so that you can perform your tasks with the utmost tranquility knowing at all times that the core of your Business is in the best hands.

Security and Monitoring

Microsyscom has monitoring and security systems that allow you to continuously know the general state of systems, networks and applications. Thanks to this, we save you time and money by acting proactively in the face of the various contingencies to which your company’s information systems are exposed, and by tackling the problems before they can affect the functioning of your infrastructure.

Our Systems and Networks Center is kept connected to the monitoring system to immediately detect any incident and act on it quickly; And if necessary, communicate it to our specialists following a strict protocol agreed with the client that guarantees us to act with maximum efficiency.

Managed Services

The managed services that Microsyscom makes available to its customers have as fundamental objective to ensure the continuity of their businesses guaranteeing the performance, security and availability of their equipment and information systems.

Through our managed services we will ensure that all your business services are available and functioning correctly, monitor and manage the IT components of your business, obtain reports that allow you to analyze the service levels that are being met, solve Immediately any incidences that could arise and enjoy all the peace of mind that offers a technical team specialized in the security of our business information systems.

Support and remote hands

The technical support system of Microsyscom has been formed taking into consideration the extreme importance of the proper maintenance of the infrastructures of a business and of the quick action of the specialists against any type of problem that can affect the operation of this.

Microsyscom provides you with general installation resources and resources scheduled to carry out the installation or maintenance of any equipment that is housed in the data center. Through our technical support system, a team of highly qualified professionals will meet the basic and specific needs of their information systems, guaranteeing maximum stability, performance and safety. Thus, Microsyscom’s technical support system is offered as an additional guarantee and proof of delivery with which it offers its Data Center services.

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