Data Recovery

The data that a company manages, are one of its most important assets, since the loss of these, can imply a total interruption of its activity. In Microsyscom, aware of this importance, we provide you, in case of disaster of the loss of your information media, our data recovery service.

The damages caused by the loss of data are practically invaluable, so that our data recovery service will ensure the continuity of the operation of your company helping you to recover data, which for different circumstances , May have suffered some setback in their physical or logical supports, and consequently, have disappeared.

Permanent Erasing

As a result of the activity of our company, we get to concentrate in our IT equipment numerous data that although they are no longer useful, still maintain their value of confidentiality. In these cases it is necessary to follow a process of permanent deletion of data.

But precisely because the data we intend to eliminate continue to have some value, a rigorous process of permanent deletion of data must be followed to carry out the task of eliminating this data in a safe way. Microsyscom provides you with a permanent erase service that will guarantee the highest confidentiality and security of the data being deleted, protecting them from possible vulnerability attempts.

Data Custody

The information that determines the operation of our company and the other that we use to develop our business is of incalculable value, precisely for this reason is that it is so important to have a data custody system Give us the security and tranquility of knowing that they are protected against any setback.

Microsyscom, aware of the importance of data protection of our company, makes available to its customers its data custody service, which consists of collecting media, To this end, and deposit and custody in security cameras in which they remain completely safe but also offering full availability.

Data Destruction

When the information that we use is no longer useful for our company, it should be eliminated both by the space savings that this means in our equipment or shelves, and by the risk involved in maintaining information that could be violated in our company And that, in addition, could infringe the rights of who created it or of whom it refers.

Microsyscom provides its customers with a data destruction service that, following a rigorous protocol of action, will offer the maximum confidentiality, security and legitimacy in compliance with the provisions of the LOPD and send you a later report as a guarantee of our valid good work For the same.


As new technologies have begun to be used as tools for work and everyday life, computer crime has increased exponentially by violating the privacy of businesses and individuals.

Microsyscom offers its cybercrime investigation service that will help you to detect the sources from which the attacks have been projected, the concrete action of those attacks and the evidence that demonstrates the same And which will be extremely useful before the legal authorities in which the corresponding complaint is made.

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