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Microsyscom has a team of highly trained professionals to offer micro-computing support by acting on remote diagnostics from our Customer Service Center and scaling to face-to-face support teams if necessary. A technician will come to your company to solve the problem escalated by the CAU..


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Our technicians will be in charge of performing software control, updating security patches, monitoring, installation and control of network services, internal and external cleaning of equipment, protecting critical information of your business in the processes Restoration and numerous additional services indispensable for the continuity of your business. Microsyscom offers you the micro-computing quality support your business needs to increase productivity and minimize risk.


We can offer you the installation, configuration, Adaptation and Integration in its IT Structure

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Nuestro mantenimiento informatico garantiza el rendimiento de los equipos. un buen mantenimiento informático y una monitorización adecuada mejora sus equipos

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