Certified Communications

Microsyscom certified communications service is oriented to offer you an electronic mail service with notary intervention that assures the full validity of the messages sent and guarantees the certification of them.

The communications that we make through our company are of vital importance. We send important documents that we wish to assure that they have reached the recipient, that the documents we send have legal validity, can make and send binding documents with full validity, maintain a list of documents sent with acknowledgment of receipt that remain unchanged, etc. Microsyscom is responsible for all this through its certified communications service. But in addition, the information is kept for 5 years guaranteeing its inalterability.

Managed Antivirus

Business information teams require powerful antivirus software that is up-to-date to deal with threats that can attack them. But in addition, the antivirus must be correctly configured to fulfill the functions that we expect from them.

The managed antivirus service of Microsyscom provides its equipment with the best antivirus technology and establishes the optimal configuration of the same to keep the security of your company in the best conditions, also managing any incident or possible attack that has been detected and that requires The maximum attention.

Managed Security

The security of our company resides in several points: first, it is necessary that our information systems are safe through the use of certain tools related to the software and the applications. On the other hand, our equipment must also be safe by maintaining the hardware and the facilities in which they are located.

To this same is dedicated the service of managed security of Microsyscom monitors and analyzes that it studies, as much the logical security, that it has as an aim to improve the security of the information, such as physical security. That is, that is aimed at optimizing the security of physical locations such as buildings, R & D centers, telephone exchanges, etc.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Monitoring the activity of our networks and information systems is vital to control their security on a constant basis since neglecting them could lead to incalculable losses that would jeopardize the continuity of our company.

The Microsyscom Security Operations Center will allow you to control the security status of your company through device monitoring, integrated management of perimeter security devices, response to security incidents and computer crime, automatic analysis Vulnerabilities, the provision of security technical support and anti-fraud cloud service.

Secure E-mail

E-mail is an indispensable way of communication for companies. Through it establishes all types of communications that, in most cases, are highly confidential and we would be surprised to know how easily these can be violated.

Microsyscom CleanMail secure email service will help you keep your business communications secure by applying specific tools that work to provide you with maximum reliability without compromising your communications performance or having to change your email client with the Which usually works, thanks to the encryption of the data sent by E-mail.

Web filtering

The CleanWeb Web filtering is a service that helps us filter the traffic of our Web to offer us secure connections that guarantee the privacy and stability of our company while ensuring that the use of the web navigation conforms to the policies of Acceptable use.

Microsyscom’s CleanWeb Web filtering service will help you maintain your company’s security by filtering your connections and keep you away from malware and various types of attacks that have the purpose of violating corporate information systems Taking advantage of browser vulnerabilities.

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