Network facilities

We are a network installation company that focuses on providing computer services to other companies.
Running a business is not easy. Therefore, leaving the network installation in the hands of the best professionals in computer maintenance is one of the best decisions you can make.

What types of computer networks exist?

Before knowing our network installation service you should know what is a computer network and the types of computer networks that exist.
The computer networks are all sets of computer equipment that connect with each other to exchange information and share resources.
Undoubtedly, this type of network systems is fundamental in the technological era, since most of the jobs are done from a computer and connectivity has reached unsuspected levels.
In addition, WiFi networks are one of the most advanced and essential technologies of today.
Regarding the different models of installation of computer networks that we can perform, these can be divided into two large groups: through structured cabling or wireless networks.
On the other hand, a network installation varies in price, features and difficulty depending on the scope of it.
Thus, we can perform this series of installation of computer networks :

What is a network installation service?

From people to people and from companies to companies. This is how we work at Microsyscom. We are a network installation company that focuses on providing computer services to other companies.
We take care that you have a computer network at the height of a large company and our experience leads us to the assembly, wiring, maintenance and installation of networks. That is, a most complete service because our professionals are highly qualified to perform their work.
Our network installation service seeks the highest quality and, therefore, we can perform structured fiber optic cabling.

What other computer services can you hire with us besides the installation of networks?

In Microsyscom you have available a large number of services related to computer maintenance for companies.Thus, in addition to the installation of networks, on our website you can find other works related to data recovery, cloud computing, installation of security networks or web services such as hosting, design and programming of web pages and everything that has to do with domain management.

Why hire your network installation services with us?

Microsyscom is a company with a solid experience of more than 10 years in everything that has to do with specialized computer consulting for companies.In addition, our work philosophy is based on close treatment and professionalism. We know that each company needs specific needs, and we adjust to them. What are you waiting for to solve all the computer and network installation problems thanks to Microsyscom?

Network facilities

We can offer you the installation, configuration, Adaptation and Integration in its IT Structure

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