Philosophy and Commitments

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Quality in products and services

We guarantee the best quality and security in the computer maintenance of your company, as well as in the rest of services and products, providing a comprehensive solution, adapted to the needs and particular situation of each client. We work with the best manufacturers of hardware and software, and we have a database of more than 36,000 leading products in the market. Likewise, our team of professionals will advise you throughout the entire process, putting at your disposal the best combination of cost, quality and performance.

Warranty commitment

Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction in all its aspects, that is why, in addition to bestowing personalized attention, all the products we manufacture and the services we provide are evaluated through rigorous tests carried out by our own team of professionals and through audits Quality levels. Thus, our Quality Management System is continuously under the review of experts allowing us to always offer advanced and efficient solutions to ensure the proper operation of your computer.

Fast and efficient response

The lost time has a negative effect on your company. Our CAU team is prepared to provide you with online technical assistance 24 hours a day, and because each case is different, we also offer face-to-face technical service whenever the solution so requires and in an optimal time for The continuity of the service committed under SLAs in any service rendered, as well as in its computer maintenance.

Personalized attention

The team of professionals that integrates Microsyscom makes every effort to maintain a permanent contact with each client, providing effective solutions to the problems of computer maintenance or any IT needs of each client. Our service is personalized and guarantees availability to provide a quick and constructive response.

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Presupuesto de mantenimiento informático

Nuestro mantenimiento informatico garantiza el rendimiento de los equipos. un buen mantenimiento informático y una monitorización adecuada mejora sus equipos

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