Maintenance and installation of POS for companies.

Microsyscom provides prepaid services, installation and maintenance of tpv to your company that allow you to optimize the tasks of management of the point of sale of your company or trade, accessing an interface that will give you the possibility to create and print tickets or Sales invoices, details of the prices and references of the items sold, as well as other operations during the sale, inventory or telecommunication process.

Likewise, it favors the generation of reports since this interface of easy access and administration, generates a history that can be evaluated, reviewed and analyzed to generate a greater quality in its attention and in the service of post sale.

We offer individual POS or integral solutions. Within each project we integrate, install or perform maintenance tpv, servers, software, computers, monitors, displays, pda, telecomandas and printers, all with the highest technology and maximum guarantee for your business never stop.

Also, based on Microsyscom’s comprehensive service philosophy, a team of experts from our team will analyze which POS or solution is most convenient according to your business model and sector of your company, guaranteeing the highest quality, since all products Are subjected to rigorous tests of exigency to optimize its operation.

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