Safe E-mail

E-mail is an indispensable means of communication for companies. Through it establishes all types of communications that, in most cases, are highly confidential and we would be surprised to know how easily these can be violated.

Microsyscom CleanMail’s secure email service will help you keep your business communications secure by applying specific tools that work to provide you with maximum reliability without compromising your communications performance or having to change the email client with the Which usually works, thanks to the encryption of the data sent by E-mail.

The email service of Microsyscom CleanMail is characterized by offering protection against viruses, including zero-day, antispam, that could compromise both the security of your email and the security of your own equipment; Thanks to an easy-to-use interface from which you can configure your specific security preferences.

Also, our secure email service of Microsyscom CleanMail will allow you to improve the security of your company, control spending by accessing services with a fixed cost and no surprises, learn to shield and keep your email service stable and protect your communications by keeping them Secure and unalterable against any unforeseen.


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