Installation and configuration of tower, blade and rack servers for companies

Every company has its needs and in Microsyscom according to them we have more than 24,000 references of products of different brands or manufacturers, with which we propose and provide the servers with greater flexibility and more convenient for each need, always prioritizing a fair balance between Price and quality, and ensuring that the hardware allows it to obtain the highest tolerance and availability to the possible failures as well as in the different formats servers blade, tower servers and servers for rack.

Nuestro Departamento de Custom Factory Integration, se encarga de asesorarle en cada necesidad en particular, brindando una solución acorde para su empresa  o proyecto, El  equipo  especialistas de Microsyscom podemos ofrecerle la  instalación, configuración y adecuación e integración en su estructura  TI.

For Microsyscom it has been a priority to close technical-commercial agreements to always offer our customers the best solutions, so we have in our portfolios with the most important server manufacturer HP, Intel, IBM, Dell, Supermicro, Tyan.


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