Smart Network 900, 902, 807

The Intelligent Network system of Microsyscom will allow you to have a unique national number for your company that will maximize your productivity and improve not only the image of your company, but also the customer service, avoiding the unnecessary waits.

Among other things, the Intelligent Network service offered by Microsyscom will allow you to extend your customer service hours, direct the calls to the customer service office closest to the user, control and manage incoming calls, minimize missed calls and arrange Of a greater capacity to attract new customers.

The numbers that you can contract with Microsyscom are…

  • Numbering 900: is characterized by being totally free to callers. It is an automatic collect call system.
  • Numbering 901: is characterized by cost sharing between callers and callers.
  • Numerations 902: are characterized by the fact that the cost of the calls falls exclusively on the caller and are priced at the cost of a national call.
  • Number 800: are characterized by offering extraordinary remuneration to companies as the cost falls on the caller and are priced at a value higher than the national calls.

But for convenience, Microsyscom puts at your service a team of professionals who will give you the advice you need to decide what type of numbering is right for your company as well as the configuration of routing calls.

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