Switchboards and Telephones

Virtual PBXs and Ip telephones for businesses

IP PBXs are no longer a concept of the future nor reserved for large companies, they are a cost-saving tool in any company that wants to unify traditional communications (RTBC) with Internet communications (SIP).

An integrated system of voice and data communications, so you never miss a call and through personalized voicemail systems, equally personalized answering service and email notifications of the calls collected by the answering machine, will become a powerful Tool for supreme quality customer service.

Forget the problems of moving phone lines inside or outside your office, just rely on MICROSYSCOM to control your communications and ease of use, mobility and performance will surprise you and your customers.

Use your computer as a phone with more features than you had in your traditional switchboard, take your extension with you wherever you go, just having an internet connection nearby, at home, at the hotel, at the airport…

You can use your traditional phone lines or contract IP lines, achieving incredible savings, joining their headquarters or hiring special plans and joining your PBX with your audio conferencing systems over the internet, talking to your customers at zero cost, using services like Skype, integrated in its switchboard.


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