The Renting Tecnológico or Renting Tecnologico Evolutivo is a short / medium / long term lease model, which allows financing the technological purchases (hardware, software and services) in comfortable monthly or quarterly terms. As a financing method, Renting contracts offer many advantages.

Simple and flexible

  • Financing from € 1,000 without investment VAT and without limit.
  • Duration of the contract from 12 to 60 months.
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual maturities
  • Deadline due or deadline.
  • Linear, progressive, decreasing or seasonal quotas.
  • Evolution programs at constant quota.
  • Remarketing service for quota optimization.


Do you need to renew part of your equipment or increase the capacity of your park?

  • As of the 2nd month, you can add material to your contract through an administrative attachment.
  • From the 6th month, you can replace your computers, in part or in full.

Their assessments are reviewed or not, according to their budgetary limitations.

The renewal is done in the best conditions thanks to our remarketing service. The amount of re-sale of obsolete equipment is deducted from your new investment.

From month 12, you can substitute 30% of your goods without changing the quota *.

The Evolution to Constant Quota program allows a progressive and permanent renewal of assets without changing the quota. This way you can optimize your evolution capabilities at any time in the contract.

As of month 12, it will be possible to expand 22% of its assets without changing the quota *.

The Constant Quota Expansion program allows for the progressive and permanent addition of new goods without changing the quota. This way you can optimize your growth capabilities at any time in the contract.

Do you want more information about this service?

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Evolutionary Renting

  • Evolutionary solution.
  • Flexible and comprehensive solution.
  • Treasury and indebtedness remain intact.
  • Administrative and accounting simplicity (quota-spending).
  • Includes park management support services.
  • Solution adapted to extremely obsolete material.
  • Quality of the offer linked to the transparency of the conditions of evolution and services proposed by the financial partner.

Buy with own funds

  • Immediate and easy operation.
  • Financial Independence.
  • Fixed equity.
  • Advance payment of VAT.
  • Depreciation of obsolete materials at resale.
  • Non-evolutionary solution.
  • Obligation to recycle obsolete material (ecotax).


  • Pre-booked own funds.
  • Advantageous for investments with reduced risk of obsolescence.
  • Weighs the balance sheet liability.
  • Non-evolutionary solution.
  • Evolution of material not managed by the financial institution.
  • Advance payment of VAT.
  • Obligation to recycle obsolete material (ecotax).

Arrendamiento financiero (leasing)

  • Treasury intact.
  • Advantageous for investments with reduced risk of obsolescence.
  • Non-evolutionary solution.
  • Compromosis inscribed in the balance sheet.
  • Fixed duration.

How it works

  1. To request a quote, contact your dealer. In most cases, we can confirm immediately (in less than 1 hour) the amount of the monthly or quarterly installments.
  2. If you agree, we will ask for the approval of the financial institution, which will prepare the definitive agreement (usually in less than 24 hours).
  3. Sign the contract directly with the financial institution.
  4. Delivery of technology purchases (hardware, software and services).

Condiciones y datos de interés:

  • The minimum amount is 1000 Euros plus VAT.
  • Renting is usually for periods of 12/24/36/48/60 months and fees are monthly.
  • Can include hardware, software, services and any other concept.

The Micrsoyscom Group will offer the Renting service of the financial institution that considers the most advantageous for you. To facilitate the viability of the operation, Micrsoyscom does not receive any commission from the financial institution.

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