We offer you a pre-sale serviceand after-sales of electrical protection systems
Numerous studies, which have also been proven by our own experience, show that 60% of the problems caused in computer equipment and the loss of information are caused by inconveniences in the electrical network, so it is vital to have resources that we Ensure the security of our IT systems.
Microsyscom offers a pre-sale and after-sales service of electrical protection systems through the installation and maintenance of Interrupted Power Supply UPS or SAI, at a balanced cost, to safeguard your IT systems.These are the products Microsyscom makes available to you and that will allow you to protect your company from significant economic losses due to common electrical failures:
  • UPS On-Line: Especially useful to protect your company from sudden outages.
  • UPS with double conversion or efficient active overvoltage compensation: are essential to protect our company’s equipment from voltage drops.
  • Interactive or On-Line UPS: It allows you to protect your company’s equipment against voltage fluctuations that can cause damage to hardware, circuitry, storage and software.
  • UL 1449 active suppressor or double conversion and galvanic isolation UPS: designed to protect our equipment from abrupt electrical loads produced on the network and that damages electronic circuits and causes data corruption within computer systems.
In Microsyscom we have a great experience and with the support of the best manufacturers like APC and Emerson; But also, we put at your disposal our pre-sale equipment that will be in charge of analyzing your particular situation and offer you the best solution to guarantee the integrity of your equipment against any unforeseen or electrical problems.


We offer you a preventive and after-sales service of Electrical Protection Systems

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