Data solutions

Data solutions

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Companies that handle complex IT systems in which traditional solutions such as ADSL are not able to meet their needs need, therefore, solutions capable of offering greater bandwidth or symmetrical links and that guarantee the correct operation of the systems Of information of the company no matter how big the data flow with which you need to count.Microsyscom has SHSDL solutions that allow you to enjoy better conditions, including renting, managing and maintaining the Router, as well as public IP. In addition, we offer the possibility to customize the service of your company, according to each need, with the inclusion of a Firewall that will give your infrastructure a level control measures.


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A VPN is a virtual private network that allows companies to connect all their headquarters or a teleworker in a secure way regardless of their geographic location. VPN networks ensure the best security conditions for the data you carry that can easily suffer threats such as hacker attacks or DoS (denial of service) attacks.
The VPN service that Microsyscom makes available to you, is fully managed and is proposed as a complete solution that includes the necessary tools so that any communication that is established in your company, is done in a secure way. Beyond offering the service, we also offer the best team of qualified professionals that is responsible for monitoring the status of your Virtual Private Network 24 hours a day to manage any incidence quickly and effectively.With Microsyscom you can access to have your own VPN using any technology available in the market.

Dedicated Circuits

Microsyscom can provide dedicated circuits, that is, dedicated connections between several sites characterized by privacy and security in relation to their communications. It is an access technology on fiber optics or radio. With Microsyscom managed circuits you can access three types of services in relation to the specific needs of your business and your own references:
The dedicated circuits that Microsyscom puts at the service of your company through its network of partners have the advantage of offering you the most competitive offer, high connectivity, absolute privacy, maximum security, flexible access, great cost savings and a capacity of Easy and effective management. In addition, adapting completely to your needs, Microsyscom offers two dedicated circuit modes: transethernet circuits and E1-4U circuits

This service is characterized by:

Satellite Internet VSAT

Satellite Internet solutions, VSAT, are specifically designed to bring Internet connectivity to places where, due to their geographic conditions, it would be difficult through conventional systems.Microsyscom’s satellite Internet solutions are fast and fully adapted to the needs of each client. They will allow you to stay connected immediately with the maximum coverage, the VSAT service of Microsyscom is characterized by:

Optical Fiber

Microsyscom has the best fiber optic network partners where you can rent a certain number of fibers to extend your network, and thereby achieve greater coverage, enjoy more power and more speed in your communications. Another of the advantages that Microsyscom fiber optic service puts in its hands is the maintenance and the own management of the infrastructure, aspects that will help you save costs and will provide you with the guarantee that your fiber networks will always be safe and attended to By the most qualified professionals.

Sites Renting

Microsyscom counts and manages a map of location at the national level to be able to offer you the rental of sites that will allow you to locate your own communications equipment in the safest and best located facilities, regardless of the geographical position in which you wish to do so. Microsyscom manages its project in an integral way, analyzing the needs of its business or project, looking for the most suitable locations, selecting the most secure installations and taking care of the maintenance of its equipment and the incident management in the places of emplacement.All this will allow you to take advantage of both the advantages of the strategic position in which the sites that we select for you and the fact that you have a team of professionals dedicated to keeping your communication equipment in perfect condition.

Data solutions

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