Voice Solutions

Virtual Switchboards

Virtual switchboards for companies.

Virtual PBXs are positioned as a great solution for companies as they unify voice and data in a single network and avoids the great cost of maintaining a physical switchboard in which to invest in maintenance, rentals and insurance.

In addition, the cost of virtual switchboards offers an additional advantage that makes them especially useful for companies and is that the use given is fully configurable and paid only for the resources you use. Thus, the return on investment that is made is total.

Smart Network 900, 902, 807

The Intelligent Network system of Microsyscom will allow you to have a unique national number for your company that will maximize your productivity and improve not only the image of your company, but also the customer service, avoiding the unnecessary waits.

Among other things, the Intelligent Network service offered by Microsyscom will allow you to extend your customer service hours, direct the calls to the customer service office closest to the user, control and manage incoming calls, minimize missed calls and arrange Of a greater capacity to attract new customers.

IP Telephony

IP telephony and ip voice for companies.

IP telephony services are characterized by not requiring primary ISDN accesses, nor analog lines and to rely on specific SIP platforms for each client. This clearly impacts on higher cost savings as voice over IP services leverage existing data infrastructures and high access costs for conventional PBs disappear.

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